Pre-Conference Concert Information

All those who registered for the pre-conference concert “Viva España”, performed by The Israel Philharmonic, within the Keynote Program for Music Education and Community Outreach, for primary school children, are asked to meet Claudia Gluschankof at the Charles R. Bronfman Auditorium, main entrance, HaBima Square, Huberman St., Tel-Aviv, at 11:30. She will be holding up a “CDIME 2019” sign for you to see.
For any queries, just mail us at:

About the Concert Program

th israel philharmonic orchestra and keynote logos

Second Semester Program for Primary Schools (3rd – 6th Grades)


Over 20,000 children and youth of all ages take part every year in diverse activities through Keynote. They are exposed to classical music through encounters with individual members of the Philharmonic and orchestral concerts in concert halls around Israel.

From kindergartens through colleges and universities, the orchestra reaches out to young audiences through intimate sessions in the classroom, specially produced concerts for schools at Charles Bronfman Auditorium in Tel Aviv, community projects, master classes with guest artists and members of the orchestra and individual instruction.

The director of the Keynote program is the distinguished pianist Mrs. Irit Rub. Keynote’s school and kindergarten activity continues its close association with musicologist and music educator Dr. Dochy Lichtensztajn, as pedagogical director.

In the second semester for primary schools, the program includes symphonic pieces composed by the Spanish generation of   Isaac Albeniz and Manuel de Falla, on the one hand, and on the other, by Emmanuel Chabrier, Rimsky Korsakov and George Bizet, representing the exotic or “exoticism” approach in 19th Century Western Music.